Would you like to stock Snuggle Hunny products?

Head on over to our dedicated wholesale page. There you'll find more information, including how to register. 

Key Info

  • The minimum order size for stockists is $250
  • Shipping - If you're based in Australia then shipping is free. If you're based overseas then the shipping is based on the overall size (weight) of the order but we discount our costs by 50% for you though
  • Exclusivity - we have lots of stockists and we value each and every one. We're being more mindful with who stocks our range to avoid too much competition in one area. We're always open to have a chat if you think there's a particular reason and we can review. Note that your order frequency, range breadth and size of orders would need be sufficient for us to consider this. Please reach out to us wholesale@snugglehunnykids.com.au to discuss further
  • Marketplaces - You can sell our range in your own physical store(s) or your own dedicated website but we don't allow our range to be stocked on any other 3rd party marketplaces (eg ebay, amazon, catch etc). If we find your business selling on a marketplace without our permission we'll reach out to you and ask you to remove it. Failure to remove could result in your account being blocked
  • Online stockists - we are very selective about who stocks Snuggle Hunny to avoid saturation and discounting. We do not supply new online retailers but we'd love to chat with you once you're up and running and you've figured out all those growing pains!
  • Faire - we also have a dedicated Faire Store as an alternative to shop our range.