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Signing Up

What is Snuggle Rewards?

This is a great way to get rewarded as you shop and engage with Snuggle Hunny. You’ll earn Snuggle Points when you shop, when you write reviews, follow us on social media, refer your friends, and so much more. You can then redeem those points for great savings at Snuggle Hunny.
As you progress along your Snuggle journey you’ll move up Snuggle tiers and get more rewards, priority shipping and exclusive offers.

How do I sign up

Signing up is easy!
Simply create an account and fill in your details (name, email and password). It’s free to join and this will get you started on your snuggly journey.
You’ll automatically be signed up to emails so you’ll be the first to hear about new launches, exclusive offers, and sales.

Is it free to sign up?


I already am signed up for emails so do I have an account?

No but it’s so easy to set up – just do so here.

I had an account on your old website. Do I still have an account?

If you've previously had an account you'll need to activate it. You do that by 'creating an account' (sounds counterintuitive we know). As soon as you create an account here your previous history will show against this account.

Earning and Redeeming Points

How do I earn points?

There are lots of ways to earn Snuggle points. Every time you shop with us you’ll earn a point for every dollar spent. You’ll also earn points for referring friends, following us on social media and reviewing products. Refer to the info above to see how you can earn points.

How do I get points for Photo or Video Reviews?

Points for photo and video reviews can only be earned by clicking on the links sent in the reivew request email

  • Note that points are only rewarded once your conent is approved by Snuggle Hunny
  • Duplicate content (or very similar content) will not be approved.
  • Only one picture or one video will be approved per review.
  • This one is really important; please make sure the item is the main focus of the content. The intent is to help other people see the item in different context. If the item against the review isn't clearly visible and shown in it's intended use (eg cot sheets are on a cot) then the content won't be approved

How much are my points worth?

You earn 1 Snuggle Point for every dollar spent. Each Snuggle Point is worth 5c. Note that all the loyalty points are calculated based on the Australian Dollar currency, so if you transact in a different currency (eg USD) then the amounts you earn and redeem will be converted based on the Australian Dollar equivalent

How do I redeem my points?

It’s super easy. At checkout you can decide how many points to use on your purchases or save them to spend on something snuggly and special at some point. Simply select a coupon at checkout to redeem against your purchase. Note that the amount shown that you can redeem is in Australian Dollars - if you're shopping in a different currency, then the amount shown in the dropdown will be converted into your local currency when it's applied to your order

How many points do I have?

Head in to your accounts page and you’ll see your points balance.

Do my points expire?

Your points expire after a year of not shopping with us.

Will I receive points for purchases I made prior to creating my rewards account?

You will start receiving points from the day you set up your Snuggle Rewards account. Any purchases prior to May 30th 2023 (the date we launched our rewards program) don't count towards Snuggle Rewards. However, when you join you will receive 50 points as a thank you for signing up.

Snuggle Tiers

How do I move up Snuggle Tiers?

As you spend more at Snuggle Hunny you move up tiers. When you next reach a tier, you will receive an email welcoming you into your new tier and outlining all your new Snuggle benefits. You will also receive one-off tier entry discount codes for you to spend.

As soon as you’ve spent xxx in a 12 month period you move up a tier. To reach:

Snuggle Newbie – just sign up

Snuggle Discoverer – spend $250 in a 12 month period

Snuggle VIP – spend $500 in a 12 month period

What tier am I?

Your tier will show up on your account page.

Could I move down a tier?

You will be in a tier for a year from the time you enter that tier. In that year simply spend $250 to stay in the Snuggle Discovery tier or $500 to stay/ move up to the Snuggle VIP tier.
If you don’t meet the threshold you will move down one or two tiers potentially.

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