What To Pack in Your Hospital Bag

If you’ve begun counting down the days until your due date, it’s time to pack your hospital bag.  In fact we recommend you pack your bag at the 37-38 week mark, just in case you go into labour early.

Before you get started, check in with your hospital or birthing centre to confirm what they provide for you and your newborn baby and what you need to bring.  Each facility does things a little differently.

And then, it’s time to get packing.  Our handy checklist below will help with ensuring you have what you need. We have included all of the must haves, along with some nice to haves, so you are fully prepared for labour and the first few days of your little one’s life.

What To Pack in Your Hospital Bag - Snuggle Hunny
For You:
  • Slippers and socks
  • Comfy, loose clothing
  • Robe and nightgowns or pyjamas that can unbutton for breastfeeding
  • Nursing bras
  • Old underwear
  • Toiletries, including hair elastics
  • If you plan to use the shower or tub: a loose bra or top for you
  • Spotify playlist and a bluetooth speaker
  • Lip balm, moisturizer
  • Your birth plan and any paperwork you’ve been asked to complete by the hospital and/or for insurance
  • Contact list for sharing your big news
  • Nursing pads, nipple cream, maxi pads
  • Camera/video camera, phone and chargers
  • Flip-flops/ thongs for the shower
  • Pillows
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Music, books or magazines, games, playing cards
  • Notebook and pen
  • Watch or smartphone with app to time contractions

Baby Essentials:

  • A Birth Announcement Outfit - our Snuggle Swaddle Sack or Baby Jersey Wrap with matching headwear and milestone cards will ensure your baby looks picture perfect in their birth announcement photo.
  • Knitted blanket like this gorgeous diamond knit baby blanket, for warmth.
  • Swaddle wraps to help your baby feel secure and cosy outside the womb.
  • A few singlets, onesies and sleepers suitable for a newborn baby.
  • Booties and a bonnet like these which can be matched to your swaddle wrap for the perfect newborn photos.
  • Baby accessories including a package of newborn baby size nappies, unscented baby wipes and your nappy bag.
  • Approved infant car seat fitted and installed as per regulations in your area.
  • Bottles & formula if you intend bottle feeding.

For your partner/support person:

  • Snacks and drinks
  • Entertainment - books, music, games
  • Phone/Camera/Laptop and chargers
  • Change of clothes and swimwear in case your partner uses the shower or tub
  • Toiletries and a towel

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